Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.

NWTF Image 1.jpgOur mission is to conserve the wild turkey population and to preserve our hunting heritage in Montgomery County, Texas.  It drives us, our volunteers and members, and it fuels our passion for the organization.

We are ever mindful that our work as a conservation-based nonprofit needs to be mission-focused, effective and efficient. We are diligent in the wise use of our resources and pledge to be transparent in our reporting and honor our commitments to our members, our donors, our partners and ourselves.

The National Wild Turkey Federation is working hard to reach the following goals on a national scale:


Vision: The NWTF will use the best available science and techniques to achieve healthy, well-managed wild turkey populations in all suitable habitats to provide quality hunting experiences.

Objective: Increase the nationwide populations of wild turkey to 6.7 million in agreement with state wildlife agency management objectives.


Vision: Through our volunteers and partners, the NWTF will provide the highest quality habitats that foster abundant wild turkey populations and other wildlife and create exceptional places to pursue hunting and other outdoor activities.

Objective: Conserve or enhance at least 4 million acres of wildlife
habitat by 2022.


Vision: The NWTF will uphold and preserve our hunting heritage by engaging our passionate volunteers to share the culture and lifestyle they cherish through efforts focused on recruitment, retention and reactivation and providing a social support network to new or reactivated hunters.

Objective: Recruit 1.5 million hunters by addressing barriers to participation and opening 500,000 acres to hunter access by 2022.


Vision: The NWTF will focus on long-term organizational growth and stability to ensure efficient mission delivery.

Objective: The NWTF will increase annual gross revenues to $82 million and grow adult membership to 225,000 by 2022.

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